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There are many common signs of ageing including grey hair, wrinkles and the dreaded middle-age spread. We have a lot of enquiries from women who want to restore their cleavage to its former glory. Sagging breasts are a common problem, particularly if you have a larger cup size. Many people think that breast augmentation with silicone implants is the only way to give the chest a boost. However, we believe that it can be just as effective to restore what you once had rather than creating something that never was. Thankfully, the trend for obvious implants and the more over-the-top boob jobs seems to be on the wane.
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We hate to deliver depressing news, but the fact is, some breast sag is inevitable. Having a baby, breastfeeding, and racking up more birthdays all contribute to a loss of elasticity of collagen, the connective tissue under the skin—leaving your set more deflated than firm. Sag can also be a matter of genetics. If your mother had a droopy pair, you might be predisposed to one, too thanks, Mom! But yo-yo dieting 30 or so lbs over and over?
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Finally There’s A Hashtag To Celebrate Saggy Boobs

I was reading a dear-God-get-me-through-this-next-few-days book called The Hamilton Affair this week: a Lin-Manuel Miranda spin off, basically a more historically accurate fanfic-on-paper publication. It seemed to promise bodice ripping, but no bodices were rippeth. Thanks, asshole, from all the postpartum, nursing, and once-nursing women for reminding us.
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The topless beefcakes who appeared on their covers were unrealistic, he had decided. His editor smiled. He felt a feature coming on. His biceps were huge, his six-pack extraordinarily well defined.

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