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Apart from humans and our close relatives, the only animals that menstruate are elephant shrews and certain bats. Why did it only evolve in these species? In the first few years, my periods were not only a source of occasional embarrassment, they were also excruciatingly painful. I would lie curled up in my bed with a hot water bag, unable to move or breathe, and I would wonder: "why me? Of course, I wasn't the only one: most women menstruate.
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Why do women have periods when most animals don't?

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What to Expect in Perimenopause - Our Bodies Ourselves

Slaughtering equipment, particularly for smaller-scale operations, need not be elaborate and expensive. The amount of equipment will depend on the slaughtering procedures employed. If possible, all equipment should be made of stainless steel or plastic, be rust resistant and easily cleaned and sanitized. Equipment which does not get in contact with the meat e. The last seven items indicate additional equipment required when hogs are scalded and scraped rather than skinned. Means should be available to clean thoroughly all equipment coming into contact with carcasses or meat.
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9 Common Sex Injuries—And How to Deal

Sex is usually a pretty wonderful thing There are those annoying situations, like being left sans orgasm ugh. And then there are other times when sex can be downright hazardous. Sex injuries happen more often than you might think—so you should be aware of the most common ones mostly so you can figure out what to do if they happen to you
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The ideal situation for everyone with lichen sclerosus is to be able to manage the condition, to be comfortable and to be able to continue or even start a 'normal' sex life, for the rest of our lives. The ages of those who make contact range from teens and twenties to the over 80's - yes both men and women still enjoy sex in later life and it is not just the mechanics of sex, it is the affection and intimacy that goes with physical closeness. When sexual difficulties come along, many women and men shun affection and closeness for fear of it leading to a sexual situation that they feel afraid of or that they believe will be so difficult that their partner will not understand. Over the years this organisation has received hundreds of emails asking for advice on how to manage problems that occur in their sexual relationships as a result of having lichen sclerosus. There are bound to be more questions than there are answers for because everyone's sex life is unique to them, they will have their own likes, dislikes and beliefs.

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