Insert image into body of Yahoo email

Insert image into body of Yahoo email
Well guy's, as it seems Yahoo is saying now and announcing that you can drag and drop or insert images into the body of your email instead of as an attachment to download. Well this doesn't seem actually true. They seem to have a system (which is not even showing on any of mine) to where there is supposedly an arrow next to the "attachment" bar / button. As you see here in the example or yahoo tutorial section found here and also here where they are explaining the new overview on the features to come and ones they have already started to add. Well i am not sure about you guys but i do not see any of that on my new yahoo beta mail system. (Well if it is still even considered a beta) As you can see here in this screenshot: click to enlarge yahoo-pic-attach So I was actually messing around and did something i figured would work as it does on something, but use to not to on here with yahoo or a lot of mail sites. Well this time it actually worked as i was hoping it would. So... Here you go. Basically want you want to do to be able to insert an image into the body on yahoo mail is. You can actually just drag and drop from your browser alone. The "yahoo" way and tutorials shows that the images show down below in a designated section for them along with a scroll bar depending on how many images you add. Because if you noticed in the above links they are now allowing 25MB attachment sizes. Not actually though as you have to add one of there new mail apps (which are 3rd party apps) to be able to do that (which can be found here) and screenshot: yahoo-pic-attach-apps Now the bad thing is, It still doesn't work as explained above with the app's yes, but shows in that lower box i was talking about. Not just in the body of the message itself. So wouldn't believe actually how easy it really is. They say you can drag and drop into your message down below in that box that the top link here shows and says. Well it really doesn't work that way or the plan and simple way of just a damn pic in the "main" actual body. So.... I got you covered. It is basically really simple and i am so stupid as i have wanted to do this for years and never thought of doing it (well i tried years ago but it didn't work then but) anyways. Simple. Just take and drop and drag from your browser. Here is an example.
  • Open up your mail of course like your sending a message. You can also write in it if you want or whatever.
  • Open another browser window with the image in it. Whether it be opened through your browser from your computer (by right clicking the image and selecting "open with" and choose Firefox Or IE. or by an image off the web some where.
  • Then left click the mouse and hold it down, and drag the image over into your message body in the other window.
Like so. Here is another screenshot example: As you can see, Dragging it over into the body. yahoo-pic-attach-drag and then here you go. Dropping it into the body and all finished. yahoo-pic-attach-drop Well guy's that's all there is to it. You have now inserted and added an image into the body of the yahoo mail. Pretty simple uh ? I am not sure how many people knew this and have already tried lately but i know for a fact it it didn't work before and if it did it was kinda like the very top way which was in a attachment preview like box and not actually right into the body of the message. ;) Hope this helped out some of you. As i know i have been needing to do this for a while now for business purposes to show graphs or design examples and doing it the simple way with not a lot of file size or extracting zip files as you have to do in these types of emails when sending folders of items or images or bu doing it like an HTML newsletter which is a lot of work to do just to input a certain one image or something.  As a lot of people do not even know how to open a zip file so then you have to explain how on that also when sending whatever it is your sending lol on how to open it because a pain in the butt.. Plus a lot of people can not get HTML type emails  like in newsletter HTML attachment form. They need to make it just like i do and we can in like Outlook or Outlook express / Windows mail etc etc... So now you all can do it right in your yahoo and maybe other types of mail now. As we are very limited to a lot of things depending on what type mail service you use. I believe this should be an auto feature by default and im not sure why they do not have it like a little button just to add pic to the body like the programs do but.. oohh well i guess. lol but hey, please feel free to send some feedback to me below in a comment and what your thoughts are about this or just to say thanks or whatever.. Now but also if you feel like it, please also feel free to PLEASEEEE email Yahoo feedback and mention (TELL THEM) they need to add this and a button to insert directly into the body of the email. You can do that by clicking here Yahoo feedback and write it up and let them have a peace of your mind and idea ;) Good luck, enjoy and happy emailing. lol... See next time. Well there you go people. Enjoy and happy emailing.
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